Characteristic socks

This unique label shows how a pair of socks is able to express the personality of the person who wears them. Expressive prints with eye-catching themes and playful patterns tell something about your character.

Enthusiasm and passion for socks is what moves Xpooos to create the weirdest, funniest and most original prints. From soccer, to motorbikes, to playing snooker. Although the brand is known for its contemporary prints, the quality of the socks is also of great importance. The socks are made of stretch cotton to fit feet perfectly.

It’s all in the name

The most important values of this brand are expressed in the name. The three O’s stand for: - Original (authentic) - Outstanding (high quality) - Out of this world (crazy and quirky, but always classy and sophisticated)

Suitable offers a wide range of Xpooos socks for men, with various dessins. The socks are subtly fitted with the brand’s logo on the side of the socks.
Popular Xpooos Socks
Xpooos SocksSpecial offerPrice
Xpooos Socks Barney kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Fixie kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Dog In Car kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Pool Billiard kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Beercaps kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Lukes Roadtrip kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Chrome kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Muscle Cars kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Racing kr94.95
Xpooos Socks Motor kr94.95
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