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William Lockie Lambswool Rosemary Green
149.50 William Lockie Lambswool Rosemary Green
William Lockie O Poppy Melange
149.50 William Lockie O Poppy Melange


In 1874 William Lockie started a small factory on the banks of a Scottish river in Hawick, where he created knitted woolen underwear and clothing. Nowadays the firm has access to the latest technical devices. This is, in combination with centuries of experience and craftmanship, the foundation for high-end qualitative items of William Lockie Knitwear.

William Lockie Knitwear

Scottish brand William Lockie turns luxurious, natural materials into high-quality clothing with the highest attention for style and design. The name of the brand is often written as William Locky.

William Lockie Lambswool

Due to modern technology William Lockie Clothing is able to use the most refined models, patterns and colors for its elegant Scottish knitwear. Available for its most demanding consumers all over the world. William Lockie Lambswool sweaters have become well known due to their stunning, high-end quality and the wide range of colors.

William Lockie points of sale

William Lockie for men is available at various Suitable outlets, such as Amsterdam and Groningen. Naturally, the collection is also available online. Curious which specific size you need? Check the William Lockie size chart.


The international fashion brand DIGEL is characterized by its innovative vision and creative spirit.
Suitable provides a wide collection of DIGEL suits, jackets and trousers.


Suitable represents ‘My moment, my style’, which is the perfect connection with DIGEL. DIGEL gives functionality high priority, by listening to the needs of the consumer. Every product is made in a way to increase the wearing comfort.
For example, all the jackets and suits are fitted with a soft shoulder construction, wherefore it has a subtle insert on the sleeve, and it falls smoothly over the shoulder.
The fine wool materials that are used by DIGEL for the trousers and jackets create comfortable items at all times.  

Modern style

The DIGEL collection offered by Suitable is focused on the contemporary man with a feeling for style. DIGEL keeps up with the times, by concentrating on the latest trends with a fashionable twist. The collection is characterized by the attention to the silhouette, a modern fit that combines comfort with elegancy. In other words, fashion with a perfect fit.

Wondering what specific measure of William Lockie u need? View the William Lockie Size chart.

Popular William Lockie
William LockieSpecial offerPrice
William Lockie V Savannah € 149.50
William Lockie O lambswool Grey € 149.50
William Lockie V Bottle € 149.50
William Lockie Vole Brown Grey € 149.50
William Lockie Lambswool Cardigan Navy € 189.90
William Lockie O lambswool Blue € 149.50
William Lockie V Seaweed € 149.50
William Lockie Lambswool Cardigan Dark Green € 189.90
William Lockie Lambswool Green € 149.50
William Lockie Lambswool Navy € 149.50
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