-  Thursday, 10 October  |  Peter
Suitable Dress Shoes Derby Print
Very pleasant running shoe. Different from the usual but modest and business. That stubborn orange lace finishes it off.
  Thank you Peter. We wish you lots of fun wearing your shoes.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Sunday, 29 July  |  Ton
Suitable Sneaker Bianca White
Nice shoe, is comfortable, nice price, is made of leather (so dirt-resistant): I want to step away from it!
  Nice to hear that they are comfortable, on behalf of the [site name] team we wish you a lot of fun running   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Good fit
  • Value for money
  • Looking good (also according to my daughters)
 -  Sunday, 29 July  |  Ton
Suitable Sneaker Bianca White
Nice shoe, is comfortable, nice price, is made of leather (so dirt-resistant): I want to step away from it!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (7)
  • Good fit
  • Value for money
  • Looking good (also according to my daughters)
 -  Thursday, 21 January  |  Tim
Giorgio Shoe Leather Adanti Canvas Dark Grey
Nice quality. Shoes are great. Beautifully finished.
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  • Fit
  • Finish
 -  Sunday, 10 November  |  Peter
Suitable Brogue Cognac
Great fit, great price and fast delivery.????
  Very nice to read Peter. Have fun with your [site name] boots and see you soon.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 4 September  |  Ben
Collonil Carbon Wax Spray
Fantastic product. Definitely recommended.
  Thank you for this nice review Ben.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Easy to use
  • Good result
 -  Friday, 12 January  |  Maria
Collonil Fine Polishing Brush Goatshair
Good quality brush, fine and soft hair.
  Glad that the rubbing brush is as desired. Good day! See you next time at [site name] :)   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Monday, 29 October  |  Albert
Collonil Carbon Pro Spray
shoes immediately waterproof
  Nice to hear! That is certainly nice, especially now with the current weather.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Works well
  • No
 -  Thursday, 24 September  |  Mag
Collonil Carbon Pro Spray
very fast and neat delivery
  Thank you for your satisfaction!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Buy Men's Shoes online

Who doesn’t walk on shoes? Regardless of the occasion or style, a great shoe is characterized by its wearing comfort, high quality and its looks. For example, an elegant, leather shoe is very suitable for a business outfit. But a wedding or a party might require a bolder and more extravagant shoe.A shoe is more than a fashionable accessory, nowadays at defines the style of your outfit and it shows the wearer’s personality. Who wouldn’t want beautiful, good fitting shoes matching a perfect, representative outfit? Naturally, a fine pair of shoes can’t make up completely for a mediocre outfit, however mediocre shoes can spoil a perfect outfit. What would have your personal preference? Lace shoes? Men’s shoes with buckles? Or would you rather go for a trendy sneaker?

Dress shoes

Dress shoes need to meet certain requirements. On the one hand, they should follow the latest fashion trends. On the other hand, they should be comfortable enough to wear during a long day at work. That is why shoe manufacturers work with extremely supple leather and flexible soles.Available shapes are shoes with pointed noses, square-toed shoes and curve-toed shoes. Available as boots, loafers and lace shoes.

Dressed men’s lace shoes

With so many different types of shoes available every season, you might lose the overview. But basically, all mainstream shoes are based on just a few different shapes. For anyone not so certain about the right choice of shoes in combination with a business suit: wear a black or brown lace shoe, such as the Oxford or the Derby. These models are an excellent match with a suit, you can’t go wrong with either. Pay attention to the structure of the leather. A sporty suede shoe doesn’t match a handsome suit, neither does a brogue with thick sole. However, men’s shoes with buckles can be good alternative to lace shoes.

Leather men’s shoes

As upper material for men’s shoes, shoe manufacturers prefer to use goat- or patent leather, buckskin or pig suede. In previous centuries, richly decorated shoes were just a popular with men as they were with women. Shoes were decorated with pearls and ornamental gold rosettes. Later these decoration were followed by shoe buckles, which served as status symbol and expressed the wearer’s wealth, status and taste. In those times, a man of the world could own up to fifty different buckles. Such as silver plated buckles for everyday wear or buckles set with gemstones for festive occasions. The buckled shoes as known today, were introduced in the 15th century. At the time, monks walked on (double) buckled shoes, carrying out their day-to-day tasks. However, the open shoes weren’t suitable during a harsh winter and caused an obstruction for the daily work. Eventually, a closed-toe version was created to make it suitable for winter periods. This was the coming into existence of the buckled shoes as known today. Although nowadays, these (double) monk straps are slightly more sophisticated than they were in the 15th century.

Purchasing men’s shoes

These days many options are available, when it comes to purchasing fine men’s shoes. Whether you buy shoes online or in a store, or have them tailor-made by a cobbler, there is an extensive choice.Shoemaking is an ancient craft and surrounded by legends. Like with other crafts, in the Middle Ages shoemakers were connected in guilds. One of the oldest guilds was founded in England, The Guild of Cordwainers. The name was derived from the Spanish city Cordoba, in those days the source of the best quality leather. Today, cobblers who create tailor-made shoes are only located in the biggest fashion cities. A famous name in this context is John Lobb Ltd, London. This family business supplies the British aristocracy and European nobility for centuries. As of the 1920s, the American market started to become more significant. The list of customers could as well be a list of the most successful people in the 20th century. Anyone who can’t afford hand-crafted shoes, buys shoes in a local store or online. Which is a great alternative, now that mass production achieved such a high level of perfection.

Elegant suede men’s shoes

Suede men’s shoes are mainly worn in combination with a casual outfit. Suede is the inside of leather, treated differently from normal leather, making it feel much softer. Suede is a little less sustainable than leather, it is best to avoid wearing it when it rains. To complete your outfit, combine your suede men’s shoes with a matching suede men’s belt.

Black patent shoes for men

Suitable offers black patent shoes for formal occasions. Combine your tuxedo or dress suit with black patent shoes to complete your look.

Loafers for men

Loafers, or slip-ons are the perfect shoes to wear in combination with a suit, an elegant pair of trousers, jeans or chinos. Loafers have a slightly casual appearance, in particular the suede versions, wherefore they create a more relaxed look.

Boots for men

Nowadays, many men wear boots. Often with laces, but Chelsea boots as well. A sporty boot can be a comfortable shoe for a walk in your spare time or during a city trip.

Sneakers for all men

Sneakers are widely accepted as footwear for other occasions than just sports. The sneaker became essential in everyone’s wardrobe, whether it’s a sturdy, casual sneaker to combine with jeans or shorts or a neat and clean sneaker for under chinos or trendy suit.

Maintaining your footwear

Naturally, it is a waste to neglect your brand new shoes. Luckily, nowadays it is easy to care for your shoes. Maintain your shoes and keep them as shiny as new, with the Collonil shoe trees and care products.
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