Arnekjendt, Danish minimalism

According to himself, the Danish founder of Anerkjendt, Per Johansen, designs relaxed and fashionable clothing for every day. Fashion brand Anerkjendt, founded in 2011, gets its inspiration from the streetwear scene. This unique choice of style is reflected in the Anerkjendt sweaters and, not at least, in the T-shirts. Trendy clothing, not too flashy but remarkable by its minimalism.

Arnekjendt collection

The Anerkjendt men’s fashion collection is a way to find balance between being fashionable and being stylish. Your look will be on trend, due to the use of minimalistic colors and fashionable designs. Whether you want a casual look for a beach walk, with a comfortable Anerkjendt cardigan, or an elegant Anerkjendt shirt for at the office. The wide collection of Anerkjendt offers the right style for the right moment.

Attention to detail

Anerkjendt’s style is defiant, tough and unique. Inspired by the Danish street subcultures, the designs show the latest trends. Innovation is the key for Anerkjendt men’s fashion. Anerkjendt stands out by being different than most other sturdy and simple streetwear, due to the designers and their great attention to every small detail.

Besides being trendy and original, the garments are easily combined as well. The clothing is mainly made of cotton and much consideration has been given to finding the right fits.
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Popular Anerkjendt
AnerkjendtSpecial offerPrice
Anerkjendt Akespen Sweater Multicolour Special offer! kr521.45
Anerkjendt Akfebas Sweater Navy Special offer! kr417.39
Anerkjendt Akrico Pullover Dark Green Special offer! kr365.36
Anerkjendt Akthomas Coat Yellow Special offer! kr885.66
Anerkjendt Aklenny Overshirt Dark Green Special offer! kr314.54
Anerkjendt Akotto Overshirt Grey Special offer! kr417.39
Anerkjendt Akthomas Coat Dunkelgrün Special offer! kr885.66
Anerkjendt Sweater Dark Green Stripes Special offer! kr365.36
Anerkjendt Aknat Knit Zwart kr520.95
Anerkjendt Akallan Sweater Stripes Special offer! kr260.09
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