Removing stains for men

It starts at breakfast, but also during lunch at the office or when you're toasting of the weekend at Fridaynight: there is stain-danger everywhere you go! 

After all, a stain is made quickly. But no worries! Suitable will make you a real stain-expert, but we do not promise it will impress the ladies. Maybe your mother? 
Coffee, beer, wine, grease, toothpaste.. Please do not throw out your shirt, but use our tips and tricks to remove the stains!

Which stain do you want to remove?

Removing deodorant stains

Deodorant. Oh, how we love that it keeps us smelling fresh! However, the downside of deodorant is that it may result in unwanted stains on your clothes, mostly white or yellow coloured. White stains are the result of the deodorant itself, they may appear when you put on your shirt before the deodorant has dried completely. Yellow stains are caused by a chemical reaction that occurs when sebum, sweat and the constituents of the deodorant come together.

How do you remove a deodorant stain?

White stains are usually gone after washing your shirt or sweater, so those are easy. Yellow stains are a little more tricky. There are different products that are created especially for this type of stain. But before you go out and buy these, we recommend you to try one of the following methods first:

  • Spray some rinse aid on the stains, let it soak and wash the items as usual.
  • Let the item soak in cleaning vinegar for several hours. Then wash it as usual.
  • Rub a piece of ox gall soap on the stain and put the item in the washing machine. Wash it as usual.
  • Put three aspirin in a bowl and add half a cup of warm water. Rub the mixture over the stain and leave it for three hours. Then wash the item as usual.


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