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A green tie is a soothing, harmonious color. Green has a reputation for promoting your creativity. Like the brown tie, green has gained popularity in recent years.

Green tie

Especially a light green and bright green tie are important colors. Provide a trendy and well-groomed outfit otherwise a green tie can look shabby and give you an alternative look. Hunter green (dark green) has a somewhat stubborn appearance.
Popular Green Neckties | One stop solution in men's fashion
Green Neckties | One stop solution in men's fashionSpecial offerPrice
Silk Tie Lime Green + Navy Striped FD03 kr 184.95
Silk Tie Bright Green F33 kr 184.95
Silk Tie Smaragd Green F68 kr 184.95
Silk Tie Lime Green F04 kr 184.95
Suitable Tie Light Green F01-32 kr 184.95
Suitable Tie Dark Green F01-10 kr 259.95
Suitable Tie Dark Green kr 259.95
Suitable Tie Silk Green Dessin kr 259.95
Suitable Silk Tie Side Checks Green F91-23 kr 184.95
Suitable Tie Side Green F91-9 kr 184.95
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