Within Suitable you will find a wide selection of men's shoes, for every moment and in every style. Similarly, the elegant brogues, recognizable by their casual touch, The brogues originate in Ireland, where they were once designed as an outdoor shoe. The perforated leather has the function to repel water during the wet days as you know them in the Netherlands.

Leather brogues

The leather brogues are often made up of several layers of leather, which you can see particularly well in the â € œwingtipâ € model in our Suitable collection. The name "wing tip" refers to the course of the leather on the nose of the shoe. Seen from above it has the shape of a "W" and resembles a bird in flight, hence the name "wingtip".

Another frequently seen model at Suitable is the "half brogue", where the leather is only perforated on the nose and with decorative perforations on the nose. A "half brogue" is a more formal shoe than the "wingtip".
The most formal Suitable men's shoe among brogues is the so-called "quarter brogue", which you can recognize by the round toe and a single row of perforated leather. This style is often seen in the Oxford model, and is an ideal shoe for under your suit.

The brogues of Suitable have a low-maintenance rubber sole with anti-slip, so that you do not have to change your shoes every six months and that you stay firmly upright during the slippery days.
You can easily combine all styles of brogues with your suits, or for example in combination with a beautiful chino and fashionable shirt and blazer. In short, for your moment and your style!
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