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Men's gloves

When winter arrives, so does the cold. To keep yourself warm you put on extra clothes and a comfortable jacket. But what about your hands? At Suitable you’ll find a large collection of gloves for men, to make sure those hands are kept warm and safe!

Leather gloves & Knitted gloves

Try a pair of our luxurious leather gloves, or go casual with knitted gloves instead. Even better, get both styles to make sure you’ll be suitable for work and leisure! Classic leather gloves are perfect for travelling to the office, or when you need to brave the cold for a meeting with an important client. Knitted gloves can be used for work too, but make sure that you pick a neutral colour.

Gala gloves

Gloves are not always for practical purposes. For some formal, black tie events you’ll need to wear white gloves too! When you are required to wear a tuxedo or tailcoat for instance. Take a look at our formal white gala gloves if you have an event like that in your agenda, we will help you out!

Popular Gloves
GlovesSpecial offerPrice
Profuomo Leather Gloves Nappa Brown € 59.95
Laimbock Ruffre Gloves Black € 59.99
Barts Maple Dark Grey Gloves € 49.99
Barts Maple Gloves Dark Grey € 49.99
Barts Gloves Basic Dark Grey € 24.99
Barts Powerstretch Touch Gloves € 34.99
Profuomo Gloves Green € 29.95
Profuomo Leather Gloves Nappa Dunkelblau Brown € 49.95
Barts Gloves Powerstretch € 29.99
Barts Asher Gloves Navy & Black € 59.99
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