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You have undoubtedly seen it pass by in fashion magazines, television or on the streets: the checkered suit.
The gentlemen who dare to put on a bold printed or subtle checkered, it is a fashionable phenomenon that has actually been a regular part of formal suits for decades.
This is also the case at Suitable, where you will find stylish variants of the checkered in our collection of suits.

The checkered

You may have recently looked at one of our stores or online for a new suit. Chances are that you have also come across the various diamond variants, and you may have wondered whether it would be something for you. And why not?

The modern and self-confident man also dares to wear a tight suit with a good checkered pattern. Common patterns are the Prince de Galles (or Prince of Wales Check) and the more subtle Window Pane, referring to the iconic window structures.

Suitable offers you a spacious choice in various diamond patterns, often subtle in color and not too emphatically present. This allows you to wear these suits well for formal use as well as for festive occasions.

The combination

A suit with a checkered is not always easy to combine. We understand that you want to go out in style and that is why we give extra advice, both online and in our stores. When you choose a suit with a diamond pattern in it, we advise you to wear a neutral shirt underneath. This gives you the freedom to combine a more exciting tie if you wish. You can also choose to combine a plain shirt with a plain tie, so that you look sleek and stylish. For the fashionable man, it is interesting to give it an “Italian” twist by combining a checkered suit with a fine striped shirt and colorful tie.
Popular Checkered business suits | One stop solution in men's fashion
Checkered business suits | One stop solution in men's fashionSpecial offerPrice
Suitable Suit Strato Windowpane Navy kr2.23kr4.95
Suitable Suit Rato Red Navy kr2.23kr4.95
Suitable Suit Strato Tou Check Navy kr2.23kr4.95
Suitable Suit Lille kr2.23kr4.95
Van Gils Elwyn Suit Special offer! kr1.56kr3.26
Suitable Suit Strato Windowpane Grey kr1.86kr0.95
Suitable Kostuum Strato Indigo Pane kr2.23kr4.95
Suitable Suit Lucius Checks kr2.23kr4.95
Suitable Suit Strato Navy Checks kr2.23kr4.95
Suitable Suit Zurich Dark Blue kr2.23kr4.95
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