Put Friday 29 November 2019 in your agenda! Because from that day on we are going to rock with the Black Deals! The offers are valid until 'Cyber Monday' Monday December 2 and are spectacular.

Black Friday

Black Friday is all about deals, deals and more deals. The originally American day on which great discounts are offered has also infected the Netherlands. There are spectacular offers from Black Friday to Cyber Monday especially for the quick decision-makers.

Cyber Monday

The online answer to Black Friday is Cyber Monday. Many online retailers found that many Americans did their Christmas shopping online on the first working day after Black Friday. This because she wanted to avoid the crowds in the physical shops. With this trend, a new shopping day was launched and given the name Cyber Monday. You benefit from substantial discounts online on this day.

High discounts

If you have been looking for a specific product for a while and it is offered during Black Friday, you can be sure that you can make a good hit. The discount will rarely be higher than during Black Friday. With discounts of up to -60%, Suitable great offers during Black Friday that you should not miss.

Wide range

Both online and in the physical shops, Suitable again has spectacular promotions this year with discounts that you can say against. Because the discounts are so sharp, they have a very limited expiration date, so get started. From sweaters to boxer shorts and from shirts to T-shirts, they are all very competitively priced during the Suitable Black Deals.
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